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How Tattslotto Saturday Draw Works

Tattslotto Saturday lotto utilizes a 6/45 matrix that signifies that when playing you should choose 6 main numbers from a numbers range of 1-45. In case you match each of the 6 main numbers that are drawn, you shall be a winner of Tattslotto jackpot.

After the 6 main numbers are drawn 2 extra numbers called Supplementary Numbers are drawn also, raising the number of methods in which you are able to win to 6.

These 2 extra Supplementary Numbers are utilized to establish the prizewinners on 2, 5 and 6 winning levels. Saturday Lotto jackpot begins at AUS$ 4 million and is going to rollover. This rises in size every week and is not won up to the time the 6 main numbers are successfully matched.

A facility for ‘SlikPik’ is present when playing Tatts Lotto games, which is the same as ‘Easy Pick’ or ‘Lucky Dip’ options that are utilized in the UK EuroMillions, National Lottery or majority of USA Lottery games. This means the computer terminal or retailer can choose each of your Tatts Lotto numbers on your behalf if you want.

It is therefore very easy to play the Australian Saturday Lotto. You simply choose your individual 6 main numbers or allow the computer to select them automatically on your behalf by utilizing its random number generator.

4 is the least number of entries which you can play with every time you take part in Saturday Lotto.

How to Play Set for Life

Set for life is an Australian lotto draw with a difference. Rather than focusing on the jackpot amount and looking for a one time instant boost to your bank balance. Set for Life offers a different approach to winning the lottery. You may have guessed by the name Set for Life offers its winners monthly payments for the next 20 years. The standard amount of the monthly installments is $20,000 AUD. This is the amount that a winner will receive, assuming that there are less than 4 winners in a given draw. If there are more than 4 Set for Life winners then the total sum (of the monthly installments over a 20-year period) splits equally amongst the number of winners and then given in the same monthly installments. This means that if you jackpot on the Set for Life with four additional people, you can expect to receive around $16,000 AUD a month for 20 years. The total is simply shared between the number of winners.

Set for Life Results

The Set for Life Results uploaded here shortly after the live drawing has taken place. Set for Life is a daily lottery draw meaning that you can play and win this lottery on every single day! It’s a fun draw, much like the Cash for Life lotto draw in Canada and has proved extremely popular since its first drawing in 2015.

Set for Life Lotto History

Since 2015, It has been an ever-present on the Australian domestic lottery scene. Aimed initially as a lotto draw that would appeal to a younger clientele, Set for Life has evolved in the two short years it has been around into an all-encompassing lotto that is played by people of all ages.

Set for Life Lotto Online

Like all Australian lotteries, Players of Set for Life can play online via online lottery ticket provider. Set for Life has proved itself as a popular online lottery, we think due to its easy structure, entertaining draws and is really seen as a fresh new kind of lottery.

Set for Life Lotto Results & Jackpots

Everyone has read multiple stories of lotto winners that got their money and blew it all. Not with Set for Life, $20,000 AUD a month for 20 years means that you can’t blow all your money even if you wanted to. Financial experts will tell you that money now is worth more than money tomorrow, and while this is true, the judgment doesn’t take into account the actions of the individual and how one might act if they really have access to such ungodly sums of money. In a modern world where everyone is trying to be green and responsible, Set for Life offers a payment structure that fits in with the zeitgeist of the millennial player.

Set for Life Lotto – Synopsis

Set for Life is a lottery game that is fun, exciting, frequent and popular. We predict more games with follow the Set for Life blueprint and begin opening their games up to small(er!) payment installments. The other side of the coin is that this payment method is preferable to those that organize and run the lottery. Instead of giving away 100% of the money on day one. Set for Life allows the organization to hold onto the money and slowly release it to the winner – as any business owner will tell you, it is always preferable to hold on to the money rather than distribute it all in one go.

These two factors, both the player side and company side, should provide the incentives to mean that Set for Life continues for many years to come. Be on the lookout for other lotteries offering their own Set for Lifestyle lotto draw, it’s a win-win for all.

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