Is gigalotto scam? read our review 2020 to find out!

Is gigalotto scam? read our review 2020 to find out!

Customer Support

The site offers a live chat function that connects players with a LottoSmile agent. Unfortunately, the agent that we spoke to during this review was rude, unhelpful, and seemed to want nothing more than to be done speaking to us. This live chat appears to be available 24/7.

In addition to the live chat, there is an FAQ section available on the site. While all the right questions are asked in this FAQ section, the answers seem very short and seem to be purposefully evasive. Since some questions are not really answered, they could actually leave you with more questions.

If all that fails, there is an online form that boasts a 24-hour response time and a 24/7 contact number (+44 20 3150 0476).

User Experience

LottoPark has a really clean, uncluttered landing page that is highly functional and inviting. The design has clearly been inspired by the colour of a four-leaf clover; the rate at which the site’s “Latest Winners” meter keeps refreshing with fresh batches of winners is proof that green is, indeed, a lucky colour.

The simple design is indicative of LottoPark’s commitment to functionality over distraction. Part of the LottoPark experience is reasonable prices, multi-language accessibility and easy navigation for newbies and beginners. The site looks just as neatly functional on PC, tablet or smartphone, but they have not yet added dedicated iOS or Android apps to their service.

Playing any of the games is extremely simple once you are signed in. All that is required is to click on the game you want to play, add the number of lines you wish to play, pick the numbers, click on the green Continue button when happy with your pick and then click on the Pay Now button, et voila.

What is a kind consideration for newbie users is only one line needs to be played if this is the first time using the site—a nice touch if the player wants to simply test out the waters before committing to a wider spread.

Numbers can be chosen manually, but there is a Quick Pick button if you would rather have the numbers selected randomly.

Once the Continue button has been clicked, it is then possible to review your order and even to add more tickets if desired. When your choices are complete, all you have to do is click on the Pay Now button to move on to the payment options. Extras

LottoSmile offers a decent amount of extras to users:

  • Syndicates: These can be used to purchase a larger number of lottery tickets alongside groups of other players. The winnings from tickets bought in a syndicate are equally shared out amongst all players depending on how much they contributed to the overall syndicate. For details on the excellent syndicate options available, check out our LottoSmile syndicates review.
  • Bundles: This great feature lets users save money, combining personal and syndicate tickets together. Purchasing bundles allows discounts to be applied to your final cost.
  • VIP Club: Players earn VIP points each time they make a purchase on LottoSmile. These points lead them to belong to one of the five VIP levels available. Depending on the level achieved, players could qualify for discounts of up to 20%, exclusive lottery promotions, and personal assistance with managing their player account.

Is Legit or a Scam?

We wholeheartedly believe that LottoSmile can be trusted without any hesitation. The reason that we say this is three-fold. For one, the site is run by the same people who run The Lotter—the world’s premier online lottery website. They operate under strict rules and regulations and have been in the industry since 2002 (having almost singlehandedly launching this particular industry).

The second reason we believe that they can be trusted completely is due to the fact that the site has iron-clad terms and conditions that you can see have been properly put together to ensure that the site’s owners and users are protected no matter what happens—something we love to see.

Finally, they scan the physical tickets they purchase on behalf of customers and make those scans available in their player accounts. Therefore, if anything were to happen, you have rock-solid proof that you are the rightful owner of that ticket.

Отчёт: география и посещаемость сайта

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Отчёт доступен для сайтов, входящих в TOP-100000 рейтинга Alexa. Для всех остальных сайтов отчёт доступен с некоторыми ограничениями.

Alexa Rank – рейтинговая система оценки сайтов, основанная на подсчете общего количества просмотра страниц и частоты посещений конкретного ресурса. Alexa Rank вычисляется исходя из показателей за три месяца. Число Alexa Rank – это соотношение посещаемости одного ресурса и посещаемости прочих Интернет-порталов, поэтому, чем ниже число Alexa Rank, тем популярнее ресурс.

How to Claim Your Winnings

  • Self-Claim: Players can opt to claim their prize on their own. To do this, they will need to travel to the country that they have won the lottery in. A LottoSmile associate will meet them when they arrive and hand over the physical winning lottery ticket. From there, the responsibility to claim the winnings resides solely with the winner.
  • LottoSmile Claim: Rather than claiming their winnings themselves, winners can opt to allow LottoSmile to claim their winnings on their behalf. In doing this, the winner will need to work closely to provide all necessary information to LottoSmile, who will claim the winnings from the lottery operator. Once these winnings have been paid over to LottoSmile, they will be credited to the winner’s player account from which they can be withdrawn.
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