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January 2012 – Change to Jackpot Cap

On 12th January 2012, the EuroMillions jackpot cap was frozen at €190 million. Previous rules set in 2009 stated that each time the jackpot cap was reached, it would be increased by €5 million. The last cap increase had taken place in July 2011, when Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir won a capped €185 million (£161.6 million) jackpot – the largest lottery prize ever won in the UK at the time.

A second rule was changed alongside the jackpot cap; the top prize could remain at its maximum size for two draws, instead of one draw, before being rolled down to the next prize tier.

Changes Summary

  • Jackpot cap increase rule scrapped; jackpot cap frozen at €190 million
  • Jackpot roll-down deadline increased from one draw after reaching cap to two draws after reaching cap

Wie man einen Betrugsfall bei EuroMillions erkennt

  • Es ist unmöglich, einen Preis, eine Verlosung, ein Gewinnspiel oder ein Wettspiel zu gewinnen, wenn Sie nicht daran teilgenommen haben.
  • Um bei EuroMillions etwas zu gewinnen, müssen Sie einen Spielschein für das richtige Datum der Ziehung erworben haben. Außerdem MUSS ihre Zahlauswahl den gezogenen Zahlen entsprechen, damit Sie den fraglichen Preis gewinnen können.
  • Bei EuroMillions GIBT ES KEINE Preise, die an zufällig ausgewählte Telefonnummern oder E-Mail-Adressen für Spiele vergeben werden, an denen Einzelpersonen NICHT TEILGENOMMEN HABEN.
  • EuroMillions wird nicht direkt mit Ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen, wenn Sie einen Preis gewinnen. Es ist Ihre eigene Verantwortung, den Preis einzufordern und den Gewinnschein für die betreffende Lotterie vorzuweisen.
  • EuroMillions wird von Ihnen keinerlei „Gebühr» verlangen, damit Sie Ihren Preis erhalten können.
  • EuroMillions wird Sie nicht dazu auffordern, eine „Steuer» auf den Gewinn zu zahlen, bevor Sie den Gewinn erhalten.

Hinweise auf Betrugsfälle

Alle unten aufgeführten Punkte sind ein guter Anhaltspunkt dafür, dass es sich bei der von Ihnen erhaltenen Gewinnbenachrichtigung um einen Betrugsversuch handelt:

  • Die E-Mail wurde von einer kostenlosen Webmail-Adresse (wie etwa @hotmail.com, @outlook.com or @yahoo.com) oder von einer nicht zu EuroMillions gehörenden Adresse, die kompromittiert sein könnte, gesendet.
  • Sie werden im Brief oder in der E-Mail nicht persönlich angesprochen, sondern mit einer vagen Formulierung wie „Lieber Gewinner».
  • Betrugsbriefe sind oft von geringer Qualität und haben einen kopierten Briefkopf (auch wenn manche eine echte Geschäftsadresse angeben, um Legitimität vorzutäuschen. Die Nutzung solcher Adressen ist nicht zulässig und die Betrüger hoffen, dass das „Opfer» per E-Mail oder Telefon und nicht brieflich Kontakt aufnimmt.)
  • Es gibt eine genaue Frist, in der der „Gewinn“ eingefordert werden muss. Das soll das potentielle Opfer unter Druck setzen und davon abhalten, Rat einzuholen oder die Angelegenheit näher zu untersuchen.
  • Vertraulichkeit wird häufig als „Gewinnbedingung“ gefordert. Auch das soll den Empfänger davon abhalten, bei Freunden und Familie Rat einzuholen, die mehr Erfahrung mit dieser Art von Betrug haben könnten.
  • Schlechte Rechtschreibung, Grammatik und Satzbau sind ein guter Hinweis darauf, dass der Brief oder die E-Mail einen Betrugsversuch darstellen.

Our Story

December 2002: Site Launch

Back in the prehistoric days of the internet, before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Euro-Millions.com was launched. At the time, there was approximately 1/50th of the amount of websites in existence that there currently are today. We began offering information to users on how they could win millions of Euros in European lottery games.

February 2004: EuroMillions Launches in France, Spain and the UK

More than a year after Euro-Millions.com went live, the EuroMillions lottery was launched in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Euro-Millions.com was able to provide results for the exciting new pan-European lottery for the (then) weekly draw and has been doing so ever since.

Fun fact: In the first ever EuroMillions draw, 8.2% of prizes were won in the UK, 15.8% were won in Spain and a whopping 76% were won in France!

May 2008: The First Redesign

With increasing interest in EuroMillions across the continent, we released the first redesign of Euro-Millions.com. The new design brought about an improved user experience, better navigation and more valuable information for you, the user.

December 2008: Multilingual Versions of Euro-Millions.com Launched

As Euro-Millions.com begins to attract users from around the world, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian language versions of the site are launched. This allowed us to begin offering the same valuable information to multiple new audiences.

July 2012: A Record-Breaking Month

Our busiest month to-date continues to be July 2012, thanks to a promotional ‘100 UK Millionaires’ Raffle draw in the UK. The draw on 27th July also marked the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, which the UK National Lottery celebrated by turning 100 EuroMillions players into overnight millionaires. On that weekend alone, more than 10.3 million page views were racked up on Euro-Millions.com!

September 2013: The Second Redesign

As an increasing number of site users are visiting us on mobile devices, our biggest redesign to date was launched on 23rd September 2013. The new layout was optimised with the mobile user in mind, bringing a modern design and improved navigation, making the site easier to access for all users.

October 2015: Login Area and Free Lottery Launched

Due to popular demand, a login area of Euro-Millions.com was launched, allowing users to enter and save tickets into the Checker. This was great news for those running syndicates, who were able to easily manage tickets and members of their syndicates.

The Free Lottery was also launched on the site, offering Daily and Weekly draw prizes for those who match the winning combination.

December 2018: New Languages Added

With Arabic, Dutch and Thai sections added to the site, Euro-Millions.com is now available in 13 languages! They are: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Thai and Arabic.

January 2020: A New Euro-Millions.com App

A new updated version of the app was launched after lots of hard work behind the scenes, bringing you fresh features to improve your experience. You are now able to scan your tickets (UK only) and see within a matter of seconds if you’ve won a prize. The old design has been thrown out and a completely fresh, modern layout has been implemented.


The EuroMillions iOS app has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a first-class user experience. Take a look at some of the great features that make this app the only one any EuroMillions player needs.

Ticket Scanner (UK only)

The new app lets you scan your lottery ticket to find out whether you’ve won a prize in an instant. All you need to do is open the scanner and point your device’s camera at the QR code on your ticket. You’ll be shown all the numbers you’ve matched in recent draws and what prizes you’ve won. It’s the fastest and easiest way to check whether your ticket is a winner.

The Latest Verified Results

Be the first to see the latest EuroMillions results. The winning numbers are visible in the app straight after they have been checked by our Results Verification team, who ensure that the results you see are delivered accurately as well as quickly.

In addition to the winning numbers you can view full prize breakdowns showing the value of the prizes won. Find out how many ticket holders won and whether the jackpot was hit or if it rolled over. You can also view the results from supplementary games, including the UK Millionaire Maker raffle and Spain’s El Millón.

Customisable Notifications

Use customisable notifications to tailor the Euro-Millions.com app to your needs. If you only play EuroMillions on a Friday, for instance, you can choose to only receive notifications about Friday results. You can also set jackpot alerts so you are the first to find out when the EuroMillions jackpot reaches a certain amount or rolls over a certain number of times.

Multi-Line Ticket Checker

Save all your numbers and check them all at once with the Multi-Line Ticket Checker. You’ll be shown any prizes won on each individual ticket as well as the total amount won from all the lines you entered. You can also exclude your tickets from draws in which you don’t play. It’s a great option for syndicates and those who play multiple tickets in every draw.

Multi-Line Ticket Checker

The Multi-Line Ticket Checker saves multiple entries and checks them against the most recent results, which is a great option for syndicates and those who play multiple tickets in every draw. You’ll see any prizes won on each ticket as well as the total amount won from all the lines you entered. You can also exclude your tickets from draws in which you don’t play.

Lucky Dip Generator

Use the app’s Lucky Dip generator to create a set of random numbers to enter into upcoming draws. When you buy a Lucky Dip from a shop you have to stick with the first set of numbers you’re given, but that’s not the case with this generator – you can keep using it until you get a line you like.

EuroMillions Results Archives

Use the new app to access Euro-Millions.com’s extensive archive of results, dating back to the very first draw in 2004. You can view every winning number that has appeared in EuroMillions draws and find the historical results from supplementary games such as the UK Millionaire Maker.

Language Support

The EuroMillions iPhone or iPad app is offered in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

EuroMillions Taxes vs Other Lotteries

EuroMillions offers some of the largest jackpots in the world, and the fact that prizes are not taxed in six of the nine countries makes it stand out even more in comparison with some of the other big lotteries.

American games such as Powerball and Mega Millions, for example, have tax obligations at both a state and federal level, so although these games regularly offer the biggest jackpots out of any lottery in the world, the payouts can end up significantly lower than the pre-draw estimate.

New Yorkers suffer heavier taxes than anyone else in the U.S. In August 2018, one player from the state won a Powerball jackpot advertised at $245.6 million, but they ended up walking away with a significantly lower sum. They opted to take a cash lump sum of $147 million, which worked out as a final payout of $99.4 million – around 40% of the advertised jackpot – after taxes had been deducted.

In EuroMillions, you will be given the specified amount with no deductions if you play in a country which does not tax winnings, such as the UK. The UK player who anonymously claimed £121 million in April 2018, for example, received a much larger payout than the $245 million Powerball winner, even though at first glance it would seem they had not won as much.

Betrugsarten bei EuroMillions

Betrugsfälle bei EuroMillions können den Traum davon, einen Jackpot zu gewinnen, in einen kostspieligen Alptraum verwandeln. Das sind einige der beliebtesten Methoden von Betrügern.

Die erste Kontaktaufnahme erfolgt meistens auf eine der folgenden Arten:


Es wird ein Brief mit der Post geschickt, in dem der Empfänger darüber informiert wird, dass er einen Lotteriepreis gewonnen hat und sich registrieren muss, damit der Gewinn ausgezahlt werden kann.


Ein „Lotteriebeamter» ruft das mögliche Opfer an, um die „gute Nachricht» zu verkünden, und versucht eine Bearbeitungsgebühr und/oder die Bankverbindung aus dem Opfer herauszubekommen, solange dieses noch überrascht ist.

Soziale Netzwerke

Mitgliedern sozialer Netzwerke wie Facebook wird eine persönliche Nachricht geschickt, in der ihnen mitgeteilt wird, dass Sie bei einer Lotterie oder einer Verlosung auf einer bestimmten Webseite gewonnen haben.


Dem Empfänger wird per SMS mitgeteilt, dass seine Telefonnummer bei einer Verlosung oder Lotterie teilgenommen hat und zufällig als Gewinner ausgewählt wurde.

Wie auch immer ein Lottieriebetrüger Kontakt mit Ihnen aufnimmt, das Ziel ist immer das gleiche. Man will an Ihre persönlichen Daten, Bankverbindung und letztendlich Ihr Geld herankommen

Draw Deadlines

As EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, the time at which the draw takes place will differ due to the numerous time zones across the continent. Draws are held in Paris at 21:00 (CET), meaning that players in some of the participating countries face an earlier deadline by which to enter.

Here is a list of the different deadlines for buying EuroMillions tickets:

Country Draw Deadline
Ireland, Portugal, UK 19:30 (Tuesday & Friday)
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland 20:30 (Tuesday & Friday)

Please note, if you are playing through a lottery concierge service the cut off time for entry will usually be a couple of hours before the actual draw deadline.

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